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What is this?

Hides/reveals secret messages in text. Optimized for instant messaging.

Messages are encoded as zero-width Unicode characters, as a casual form of steganography.

Install the Chrome extension to automatically parse web pages for secret messages.


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Drag and drop files onto page to encode.

Possible uses

What can be hidden:

Possible places for storage:

How does it work?

Unicode contains some zero-width, unprintable characters. We use 16 of them to encode any data in hexadecimal, using our arbitrary encoding scheme.

The resulting string of invisible characters is then inserted at a random location in the cover text.


Each invisible character represents 4 bits, while taking 3 bytes (24 bits) to store. Thus, the hidden data consumes 6 times as much memory as the original data, not including header data and cover text.

Comparison to other steganography techniques



If you are serious about concealing your payload, you should use another form of steganography.

As with any method of communication, security is only as good as the encryption applied. This only provides a casual level of security through obscurity.